A New Diet

When the director of Charleston Lacrosse called me to ask if I wanted to help out with a clinic I was more then happy to oblige. The deep south is not a haven for the old indian tradition, but look many other areas of the country it has become a growing trend.

Unfortunately for me, my playing days have been very far removed, and needless to say I am a little more rotund then my college years.  As it turns out, coaching was a good alternative to me and helped me focus on my personal goals.

In the beginning of the summer we began playing indian lacrosse, a fun way to master stick skills since it was more about passing and less about scoring. The coaches started to participate as well, and once my muscles got used to the running I realized that I was still very much out of shape, especially since I was one of the oldest on the field.

So I started a routine that has helped me lose three percent body fat and gain a lot of muscle.

I start me week of mainly with building muscle and end with aerobic activity… as such

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As with almost everything in my life I seem to start something that I never finish. There are very few things that I have actually completed aside from the work that I do in my employment.

This blog for instance is one of those unfinished creations, something that I have been meaning to update and keep current on a regular basis that essentially just goes by the wayside.

I have a concrete floor in my hallway that I was planing on covering with engineered wood, even bought all the materials and tools needed to complete the job but have never actually worked on it. Websites that I have started on a personal level all sit waiting for the next step. My garden is completely covered in weeds now and has been for the past two months. We kept up on it during the growing season but now we will have more work for next spring. A manuscript that I started several times still sits in Google Docs.

Email exchanges with old friends have all slowly died. Photo albums that I have been saving for a rainy day have gathered enough dust to look as if they came from my grandparents house… so why does this happen?

Why can I not find the time to update all the things that I need to do, or fix all the issues that I have with my house, or my relationships, or my websites. Some day I will find the time that I need, until then I will just have to realize that the most important things will be worked on first and all others will remain unfinished.

Negative Campaigning

I told myself that I would not use this blog to pass a political message… I actually hate talking politics because I feel that people are so polarized by politics that doing so could create divides amongst my friends.

That being said, I will tell you I consider myself an independant, fiscal conservative, social conservative, environmentally liberal, completely for separation of church and state… of course I could go into detail of how I feel on each topic, but that would be wasting your time, because most of you probably do not really care and all your going to do is either support what I say or dispute what I believe and that is not what I care to do.

However, after the last few days watching the news and the campaigns of both policitcal parties, I would have to say, please just stop the negative campaign, for our sakes and yours, please stop.

For some reason, American voters are too stupid to do their own research as to who the better candidate is, too stupid to see through the negative ads and end up believing their message. Let me just tell you, the people that run the ads are the campaigns themselves… and I hope you really do understand this. If you want to understand the candidates better, then you should see their voting records.

Check how they managed the issues in the States that they help to run, look at their senate pages and decide for yourself who to vote for… do not decide because of what you see on TV in advertisements. Do not decide because one candidate tells you the other is a bad person, or that they do not have a grasp of what is wrong with our nation.

Inform yourselves, because that is the only way we will have a president that truly represents what the people want, until then we will end up getting stuck with whoever the people decide upon because he is not as bad as the other.

The Jersey Shore

I grew up a little more than thirty minutes from the Manasquan Inlet. We would spend our summers going to Point Pleasant Beach or down to Long Beach Island.

The summer would start off the same every year, a trip to one of my friend’s house the weekend of Memorial Day. We would alternate between where we would go but almost always we would do the same thing, spend some time out in the harbor on a recovered Boston Whaler.

As we got older, the trips became more about drinking and less about going to the beach, it was one of the latter trips that will be one to remember.

The drink of choice for some reason, maybe it was the beach atmosphere or the fact that it did not taste all that bad, was rum. Usually we opted for Bacardi, in fact it was Barcadi that I first got drunk off of, and this year was no different, although we opted for the 151 proof version, a slightly higher octane.

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California and the Living is Easy

If you read the trip out west post you would know that I left my car in Tennessee on my frist trip out west. My friend Chris and I travelled the rest of the way in his Ford and a Uhaul. When we arrived in California I decided that I could possibly live without a car for at least the next year, afterall we were in California and people still hitchhiked to go places.

Of course I was nervous the first time I put my thumb out on the side of the road but after the first few days I realized that it was not a problem and actually a good way to meet people.

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A Summer in Idaho

Seeing the expression on Eric’s face as he turned towards me after having peered out the window made me realize that something was seriously wrong. The car was getting harder to control and I asked him to see if we may have a flat tire, appearing as if he had just witnessed an incredible accident he simply replied, “it’s shreaded.”

We were about an hour drive from the nearest town and travelling a gravel road into the mountains, there was barely enough room to pull over and get out, let alone change a tire. I found a spot where I could get out of the way, although since we had not passed a single car since we left town that was the least of my worries.

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A Trip Out West

The summer after college I worked for an insurance agency in North Carolina. It was a temporary job, just enough to get me through the summer with some money in my pocket and funds for my great adventure to California.

I had decided sometime during senior year of college that I was not going to go right into the work force and found a friend to travel with me to spend the winter at a ski resort.

It was early October when I decided to take the journey just in time to get settled in and find a job before the snow started to fall. We chose Squaw Valley, mainly because we had several other friends that had moved there earlier and allowed us to sleep on their couch while we looked for a place.

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Day One

In an attempt to revive my writing and this weblog I am going to try to make one post a day for the rest of the year and see how far it takes me. The post may be a picture, or a video or just something that I am writing about at the time… I have many adventures and many things to post, so hopefully you will enjoy what I write and stick around for the festivities.


So here is day one…

Friday Nights in San Francisco

In the mid-nineties I volunteered to work at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California. The site was an old missile facility used during World War II converted to a rehab center for harbor seals, elephant seals and California sea lions. At any given time the facility housed 90 to 100 different marine mammals at all stages of rehabilitation.


To volunteer you had to attend a class, I will not deny that part of the reason for volunteering was about a girl, although I have always had a soft spot for animals. The class was held in a classroom at the center where they explained the various roles of volunteers. The choices were docent at Pier 39 or at the center, transportation, or rehabber from what I remember, of course I chose rehabber.


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