California and the Living is Easy

If you read the trip out west post you would know that I left my car in Tennessee on my frist trip out west. My friend Chris and I travelled the rest of the way in his Ford and a Uhaul. When we arrived in California I decided that I could possibly live without a car for at least the next year, afterall we were in California and people still hitchhiked to go places.

Of course I was nervous the first time I put my thumb out on the side of the road but after the first few days I realized that it was not a problem and actually a good way to meet people.

I would hitch rides from the condo we were living at into to town to pick up groceries and hitch back. Somedays I would just get bored and go out to the road to see how far I could go. I never left Lake Tahoe, although sometimes I would head to Truckee, instead.

When ski season started and I had to work early in the morning I would walk out to the main road and usually get picked up by another employee of the mountain. There were many days that I would stand out there in the pitch dark of morning, with the snow falling, hoping someone would see me. A few days people would see me, attempt to stop on the wet snow, slide a bit and then keep on going.

Despite having to wait for a little while, I was never late for work, and I always got to where I needed to go. There were mishaps and other happenings, like getting hit by the car because I was standing too close to the lane, or the big black bear that crossed my path one morning, but for the most part living my first year in California was exactly how I pictured it… laid back, easy, and quite an adventure.

I skied over 100 days that season, made a little over $13,000 on the year, met some incredible people, and will never forget the stories.

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