Negative Campaigning

I told myself that I would not use this blog to pass a political message… I actually hate talking politics because I feel that people are so polarized by politics that doing so could create divides amongst my friends.

That being said, I will tell you I consider myself an independant, fiscal conservative, social conservative, environmentally liberal, completely for separation of church and state… of course I could go into detail of how I feel on each topic, but that would be wasting your time, because most of you probably do not really care and all your going to do is either support what I say or dispute what I believe and that is not what I care to do.

However, after the last few days watching the news and the campaigns of both policitcal parties, I would have to say, please just stop the negative campaign, for our sakes and yours, please stop.

For some reason, American voters are too stupid to do their own research as to who the better candidate is, too stupid to see through the negative ads and end up believing their message. Let me just tell you, the people that run the ads are the campaigns themselves… and I hope you really do understand this. If you want to understand the candidates better, then you should see their voting records.

Check how they managed the issues in the States that they help to run, look at their senate pages and decide for yourself who to vote for… do not decide because of what you see on TV in advertisements. Do not decide because one candidate tells you the other is a bad person, or that they do not have a grasp of what is wrong with our nation.

Inform yourselves, because that is the only way we will have a president that truly represents what the people want, until then we will end up getting stuck with whoever the people decide upon because he is not as bad as the other.

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