As with almost everything in my life I seem to start something that I never finish. There are very few things that I have actually completed aside from the work that I do in my employment.

This blog for instance is one of those unfinished creations, something that I have been meaning to update and keep current on a regular basis that essentially just goes by the wayside.

I have a concrete floor in my hallway that I was planing on covering with engineered wood, even bought all the materials and tools needed to complete the job but have never actually worked on it. Websites that I have started on a personal level all sit waiting for the next step. My garden is completely covered in weeds now and has been for the past two months. We kept up on it during the growing season but now we will have more work for next spring. A manuscript that I started several times still sits in Google Docs.

Email exchanges with old friends have all slowly died. Photo albums that I have been saving for a rainy day have gathered enough dust to look as if they came from my grandparents house… so why does this happen?

Why can I not find the time to update all the things that I need to do, or fix all the issues that I have with my house, or my relationships, or my websites. Some day I will find the time that I need, until then I will just have to realize that the most important things will be worked on first and all others will remain unfinished.

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