There was a time in my life that I considered myself a fairly good writer. I was a reporter for a local newspaper and magazine as well as I took on all the writing that I had to do at my other place of employment. That was in Utah, when I moved away I tried to pursue the writing and have had little success in doing so.

I started this weblog in an attempt to keep practicing my writing and maybe make a little money on the side, however like most things in my life it remains an unfinished work in progress.

Currently I reside in South Carolina, I just turned 37 and live with my wife and daughter and two dogs in a small house that just barely fits. I like to write and decided to keep this blog going because of that fact, however I no longer anticipate making much money from this site so I changed my focus from web design to just writing about my life and issues that I face. Maybe you will find something useful, maybe not. I may add some webdesign articles at some point, although I find it much easier to write about myself then try to research some programming.

Please feel free to stop by and comment, and enjoy your stay.


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