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A New Diet

When the director of Charleston Lacrosse called me to ask if I wanted to help out with a clinic I was more then happy to oblige. The deep south is not a haven for the old indian tradition, but look many other areas of the country it has become a growing trend.

Unfortunately for me, my playing days have been very far removed, and needless to say I am a little more rotund then my college years.  As it turns out, coaching was a good alternative to me and helped me focus on my personal goals.

In the beginning of the summer we began playing indian lacrosse, a fun way to master stick skills since it was more about passing and less about scoring. The coaches started to participate as well, and once my muscles got used to the running I realized that I was still very much out of shape, especially since I was one of the oldest on the field.

So I started a routine that has helped me lose three percent body fat and gain a lot of muscle.

I start me week of mainly with building muscle and end with aerobic activity… as such

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