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The Jersey Shore

I grew up a little more than thirty minutes from the Manasquan Inlet. We would spend our summers going to Point Pleasant Beach or down to Long Beach Island.

The summer would start off the same every year, a trip to one of my friend’s house the weekend of Memorial Day. We would alternate between where we would go but almost always we would do the same thing, spend some time out in the harbor on a recovered Boston Whaler.

As we got older, the trips became more about drinking and less about going to the beach, it was one of the latter trips that will be one to remember.

The drink of choice for some reason, maybe it was the beach atmosphere or the fact that it did not taste all that bad, was rum. Usually we opted for Bacardi, in fact it was Barcadi that I first got drunk off of, and this year was no different, although we opted for the 151 proof version, a slightly higher octane.

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